Charlie Bear 2016 Collection - Dick fully jointed NEW

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You are Purchasing 1 x Charlie Bear 2016 Collection - Dick

by Charlie Bears
Launch Date: 28th January 2016
Artist: Isabelle Lee
Height: 28cm
Jointed: 5 Way Jointed
Material: Plush
Bear Family: Liddy
If there were ever two bears that belong together
it is Dick and Liddy. We giggled as we named
these two gorgeous pandas as it reminded us
both of home (Yorkshire). It is used more so by
older relatives to describe any two people or
even animals who were inseparable so these
names seemed the obvious choice for these two
inseparable bears. Dick has been made using a
textured goosewing grey plush on his arms,legs,
bib, ears and teardrop markings and a soft white
was then introduced as a secondary colour. Liddy
not to be out done has exactly the same fabrics but
in a softer more feminine peach colour. Both are
fully jointed and can stand on there own but even
when displayed they still want to be together.