Disney Britto Cheshire Cat Large Figurine

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Disney Britto Cheshire cat Large

Disney Britto Figurine by Jasnor


Sporting his signature big grin, the mischievous Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland will win you over in this cheeky pose with his tail in the air!

Disney by Britto captures the fun and whimsy of Disney in the iconic, bold and colourful designs of Romero Britto, creating a new array of dynamic and trend forward contemporary product for Disney and Britto enthusiasts alike. Romero Britto is one of the premier artists of our times, a modern day pop culture phenomenon. Britto has created contemporary masterpieces with his vibrant colours, bold patterns and a continuous message of hope.

Height: 20cm

Material: Stone resin.

Sculptured by Romero Britto