Equine Rocking Horse Black & White Traditional Hand Made In Australia

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Equine Manufacturing Company was established in 1984 catering to a niche market of Rocking Horse lovers who, although appreciating the finer features of wooden rocking horses, wish to have a rocking horse that not only looks real but feels real.
The Equine rocking horse has both these qualities.

The 'Equine' rocking horses are hand crafted in Australia by David Reiss and are covered with an actual calf hide.
This gives the horses a fine soft look and feel, as well as having their own individuality and uniqueness, since no two hides are the same.
The colours are natural and the markings are natural.
The mane and tail are made from horse hair with the saddle and bridle being made of red leather .
The horse is then mounted on a sturdy Wooden and metal
rocking frame standing 110cm high and 110cm long.

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