Gumby Many Moods of Gumby Figures Collectable Boxed Set Fun

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GUMBY - Gumby "Many Moods" Boxed Set

Gumby “Many Moods” Boxed Set

Gumby is not only flexible; he can change color with his moods, too! Thoughtful (blue), Mellow (yellow), Adventurous (red), Happy (green – he’s usually happy!), Earthy (orange), and Playful (pink


Gumby Bendable Figure – Gumby is a figure loved by many children since 1955. Gumby loves to find adventure. For greater play value, Gumby is fully poseable and bendable. This toy figure is very flexible. You can bend him, twist him, and hang him up. The Gumby Bendable Figure – Gumby is a fun and iconic collectible figure. This toy is not toxic and is easy to wash up and get clean.